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The new CRYPTHOR Mobile Encryption System builds on leading edge technologies to protect your most private data. Utilizing a ZERO KNOWLEDGE concept and providing real END-TO-END ENCRYPTION, integrated in its sophisticated synchronization function, it allows for instant data synchronization with all connected devices...

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The CRYPTHOR Core uses a new leading edge storage and synchronization technology to protect all sensitive data by integrating highly secure encryption as well as automatic manipulation detection and recovery into the synchronization process itself. Due to its robustness features any data will be kept synchronous between all devices. The powerful technology will assure that no data is lost even if changed while being offline or upon malicious disruptions. This concept of an encrypted synchronization is filed for patent to show its uniqueness and independence in the industry.


Free your life and take back the control of all your personal information.

Zero Knowledge

Only the user has the password to encrypt and decrypt the data.


Real end-to-end encryption of all data, on the device, during transmission and when storing in the cloud.


Be sure that you, as the only person, can work on your private data without anybody intercepting or manipulating it. This lets you focus on your business to prosper it.


Choose any cloud provider and even change it later with one click while the system is migrating your data automatically in the background.


Full automatic restore of all your data in the background even upon lost of a device, physical errors or external sabotage.


Having all data at hand as they are instantly synchronized between all registered devices.

Offline work

Work on the data seamlessly without limitation even while being offline.

High Quality

Proven security concept reviewed in close cooperation with leading universities.

Easy to Use

Unrivaled easy to use for every person while being highly secure


The system only handles the changes, releasing you from long waits while performing the synchronization.


We work hard to ensure your personal data can stay private! But we require your support!

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